Natasha Semmynova

Drag • Performer • Singer


My name is Vítor F. and I have a Drag character named Natasha Semmynova. I am from Porto, Portugal, and I love my city. I always had the lovely support of my friends and family. At this stage of my life I couldn’t be happier being an open gay man, a human being, a Drag Queen, a Performer and a Singer.

I am not the average Drag. Since I started it, in 1999, I always tried to maintain my peculiar character: singing live most of the times, creating small sketches on my peculiar performances, having an androgynous image, attached to the fact that I don’t wear wigs, I don’t use breasts and I don’t tuck.

Participating as Drag Queen on the TV show The Voice Portugal (2015) had an incredible boost on my career as an artist, whether in Drag and also as a Make Up Artist. The LGBT+ community supported me in a way that I could never imagine it could even be possible. I got hundreds of messages from people all around me, as well as from around the world, sending me positive vibes and lots of courage to continue my steps in music. I couldn’t be happier with the positive feedback I still have from everyone!

Funny fact about my participation on The Voice Portugal: negative or homophobic comments almost never happened, which are a proof that we are going in a good way when it comes to watch everyone as unique, whether the sexual orientation, color of the skin or different aspects as human beings.

As for future projects, I am rearranging my Drag career and taking some serious steps in the music industry: I will be recording my first and original single very soon!

And after that, who knows what’s yet to come?

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